Chapter 8

Bonus Content

Delve deeper into ecommerce reputation management, with exclusive video interviews, expert articles, worksheets, insider content, and more. Bonus content will include current tips and strategies on various topics such as:

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AI-Powered Search-Optimized Q&A


Social Proof and reviews Video thumbnail


image thumbnail 1AI-powered and search-optimized Q&A can improve both SEO and conversion

image thumbnail 2Consumers move along the conversion path as their research gets more and more specific

image thumbnail 3Search-optimized and AI-powered Q&A is a new 3rd source of traffic

image thumbnail 4Example of search-optimized Q&A displaying in the top two organic search results

image thumbnail 5Q&A traffic of our pest control client (above), grew from 0 to almost 600,000 visitors/year

image thumbnail 6Example of how Q&A appears at the top of search in a featured snippet

image thumbnail 7Example of AI and traditional search results combined

image thumbnail 8Example of a result in Google’s People Also Ask enhanced search feature

image thumbnail 1Example of a search-optimized Q&A listing in the #1 organic search position in Google

image thumbnail 2Example of Q&A producing three organic search results in a cluster

image thumbnail 3Example of Q&A in the featured snippet, and People Also Ask result

image thumbnail 4When keyword rankings increase, so does traffic

image thumbnail 5Example of Q&A displayed on a website

image thumbnail 6Example of aggregated Q&A displayed on a product page

image thumbnail 7Example of expanded Q&A section displayed on a product page

image thumbnail 8Example of a dedicated Q&A page with a link to the related product on the right