Chapter 5

Bonus Content

Delve deeper into ecommerce reputation management, with exclusive video interviews, expert articles, worksheets, insider content, and more. Bonus content will include current tips and strategies on various topics such as:

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Seller Ratings


Social Proof and reviews Video thumbnail


image thumbnail 1Some of the different ways that Google displays seller ratings

image thumbnail 2Example of a Google seller rating and review

image thumbnail 3Example of a Google Ads listing with review stars

image thumbnail 4Google Seller Ratings page

image thumbnail 5Google Shopping result showing both product reviews and seller ratings

image thumbnail 6Google search results showing multiple vendors who sell the same product, and the Top Quality Store badge

image thumbnail 7Product description page in google search

image thumbnail 8Bing Merchant Rating example

image thumbnail 9Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business)

image thumbnail 10Dedicated review page showing in organic search results

image thumbnail 11Shopper Approved review certificate

image thumbnail 12Positive verified review certificate page in organic search results

image thumbnail 13Negative open review certificate page in organic search results

image thumbnail 14 A list of a website’s reputation search results without Review Destinations

image thumbnail 15 Over 66% of people look at multiple review sites when shopping

image thumbnail 16 Over 69% of people trust in the review site with good ratings

image thumbnail 17If a company has bad ratings on multiple sites, nearly 65% believe the bad ratings

image thumbnail 18Over 64% of people average a company’s reviews across multiple review sites

image thumbnail 19A list of a website’s reputation search results with Review Destinations

image thumbnail 20 Screenshot of one of our client’s reviews on Trustpilot – taken March 2023

image thumbnail 21Screenshot of Trustpilot’s stats page – taken November 2023 (star rating notations added)

image thumbnail 22 Screenshot of the same client’s reviews on Trustpilot – taken November 2023

image thumbnail 23The disparity between open and verified review platforms can lead to a bad reputation

image thumbnail 24A managed reputation can turn open review platforms into powerful assets

image thumbnail 25The Shopper Approved Trust Bar

image thumbnail 26 73% of people are more likely to purchase from a website with the Trust Bar

image thumbnail 27 87% of people trust a site more when their overall star rating is displayed at the top of the homepage

image thumbnail 28 The Trust Bar increased their conversion rate by over 41%

image thumbnail 29Seller rating review widget

image thumbnail 30Review widget on a shopping cart page

image thumbnail 31Seller rating seal in the footer navigation